Atleti finds a way to let Griezmann and bring in Ronaldo instead.

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Atletico Madrid are set to sell Antoine Griezmann down. To open space for Cristiano Ronaldo to join the team this summer after Diego Simeone wants to work with. Portuguese soccer star

The Times reports that La Liga side Atletico Madrid are looking to bring in Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo . Moved to the Wanda Metropolitano With the release of Antoine Griezmann. The French striker. To another team or terminate his contract with Barcelona. ​​Which the team has been loaned for on a two-year contract.

Atleti finds a way to let Griezmann and bring in Ronaldo instead.

Duncan Castles a journalist close to the 37-year-old’s agent George Mendes said. The players were impressed with Atletico manager Diego Simeone’s willingness to work with them. Him Despite being a rival for many years during his time at Real Madrid. The team also featured in the Champions League for the 20th year in a row.

So there’s no problem if he goes back to Madrid. By going as a member of the team Argentinian trainer Despite the dismay of the White King cheerleaders, while the report also states that Atletico Madrid are preparing to release Griezmann in the transfer market for this player. This is part of an effort to bring Ronaldo back into Spanish football. and clearing the matter of wages to hire players

Last week, the perfume spearhead was submitted to several clubs, including Paris Saint-GermainFrench Ligue 1 giants, but PSG are not interested because alone at this time. There is also news that Neymar will be released from the team as well. which if so The player’s contract with Barca may have to be terminated with a one-year loan remaining.

As for the situation of Ronaldo at this time, he still wants to leave Old Trafford as usual, although the new boss Erik ten Hag still insists. I want to come back to the UFABET  team But there are still no signs of returning. Only posting exercise movements to get fit via social media.