‘Conte’ Cheng wants ‘Southern Tigers’ to want ‘Ken’ until they lack respect

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Spurs boss Antonio Conte is angry with Bayern Munich reports. Interested in getting Harry Kane by pointing out that talking about other teams’ players. to show disrespect which he will certainly not do.

Tottenham Hotspur manager Antonio Conte has slammed Bundesliga side Bayern Munich for  their interest in Harry Kane . England national team that talking about the players of other clubs through the media Considered disrespectful to the club and confirmed the spearhead. It is also an important force in the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.  

Conte' Cheng wants 'Southern Tigers' to want 'Ken' until they lack respect

Oliver Kahn, CEO and Bayern manager Julian Nagelsmann, came out to interview. Regarding the possibility of bringing the 28-year-old centre-forward, who has two more years left on his contract with Tottenham, to the Allianz Arena that it would be difficult to replace Ro. Bert Lewandowski, but admits that he is interested in real players. 

After the warm-up game in which Spurs beat Rangers 2-1, with Kane scoring two goals in the second half , Conte said: “Honestly, I didn’t hear that. Of course, I’m a coach not to mention players from other teams. I don’t know why The situation is very clear that Tottenham and Harry are a big part of our plans. This is just a rumour. But I don’t like talking about players from other clubs. if i want to do something I will not do it through the media. Maybe that’s disrespect for other clubs.”

For 18 years, Kane has been at the London club and is considered one of the best strikers in European football. In which he has scored at least 20 goals per season in the past eight years. By last season, he scored 27 goals, but despite a great performance. He has never won any title to adorn his own football history.

As a result, the summer last year, referred to wanting to move to Manchester City,  the Premier League champion, but Daniel Levy , Big Boss Spurs, has shown that he does not sell, making the player decide to continue playing with the UFABET  team. In which Conte ‘s army in the past season has seen the future of the team more. After getting tickets to play at UCLA While the reinforcements were satisfactory this summer.