History of dummy

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Dummy card game is a card game with how to play dummy More difficult than other types of cards. But if you play and understand the rules. You can guarantee that it will be fun until you don’t want to stop playing. Because it is a game that has all tastes. You can always win whether someone will leave a fool or the player will leave a fool or not. There is also a section of the head spate hit the UFABET card or discard the card for other people to have a head. A speto is born because that means the prize money must be earned and lost as well. Until sometimes playing all day and night very enjoyable

In addition, there is also a chance to win a dark knockout that gets double points and 2 times the prize money as well. A chance to win the same color birth and knockout with many bonuses waiting. A fun and exciting play style Everyone who plays is excited all the time. Making the players so addicted that they don’t want to run away. Today I will teach about how to play dummy Including a few tricks that can be used by players to defeat their opponents.

History of dummy

How to play dummy. How many people play?

Dummy , originated from Spain, is a card game that is difficult to play, but still popular. In the beginning, it was often played offline or played among friends and was invented. How to play dummy for more than 500 years. Nowadays, they are often grouped together because they are fun, exciting, train them to think and use their brains a lot.

How many people can a dummy card game play? Can be played from 2 to 4 people using only 1 deck of cards or 52 cards. At the start of play, players will shuffle the cards and have to deal cards to all players. If there are 4 players or 4 legs then 7 cards are dealt to each person, while playing has only 2 legs, 11 cards will be dealt; 3 legs will be dealt 9 cards, which has no fixed limit on the number of legs, but certainly not more than 4 legs will be played when the full number of cards are dealt.

The player is finished The remaining cards are used as community cards for each round of draw. including the face-up of the top card of the pile For players to play as a midfielder This will call this first face-up card the head card and give the other players the birth and down card for counting to determine the winner.