Pep assesses Haaland’s form before watching one of the players especially after beating the Southern Tigers.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has assessed Erling Haaland’s performance after just 12 minutes on his debut, scoring for his new team in last night’s friendly past

  It took Erling Haaland just 12 minutes to score his first as a Manchester City player in a friendly against Bayern Munich last night (Saturday 23 July). 2022) In Wisconsin, USA, the goal came from the set-kick when the Tigers blocked the ball in the direction of Kevin De Bruyne, who passed on to Jack Grealish before knocking Haaland into the charge. sharply But after that, the game was paused due to a thunderstorm in Lambeau Field Green Bay.

Pep assesses Haaland's form before watching one of the players especially after beating the Southern Tigers.

  However, finally able to resume the first half again. And Haaland spent 40 minutes on the pitch, and Guardiola was pleased with what he saw from the team’s new players but said Manchester City will work with the striker on the training ground to see. how much he can make the team better “He scores goals, it’s very important when the ball like this is always in front of the goalkeeper. 

He will always be there,” Guardiola said. “In the first minutes he needed time to adjust the tempo of the game. He now has 40 minutes which is good for him. We saw how he responded to the minor issues he had in the last week. when we come back We had a long week preparing for the game weekend. And in this moment and in the next few weeks we will get the best out of him.”

He trained very well. And he seems to be a very nice, unassuming person. But it wasn’t just him that was an important signing, but Julian, Calvin, Stefan , those boys and I was impressed by Josh [Wilson-Esbrand] and Rico [Lewis]. when he played they are very smart The most quality when playing with the ball.” “The result is not important. The main thing is that we lack preparation. Two weeks, we played two good games. There are many opportunities.

Guardiola was particularly pleased with the performance of 19-year-old Josh Wilson-Esbrandt, adding: “Josh’s problem is that in the last two years he’s been injured,” Pep said. “He has knee and muscle problems. But we believe he has the potential . And when he has the ball, he’s very smart. He’s a defender who plays one-on-one and doesn’t feel the pressure with the ball . If we can control his injury We will have full-backs in use for many more years.”

 Apparently, Man City play direct football more than usual. And Guardiola says it is now an option for their attacking game. Especially if they face teams that attack them like Bayern do. “It depends on the opponent. If they press like Bayern did today They play one-on-one. Fierce and powerful We have another option to pass the UFABET  ball to him. It’s another quality he has. We didn’t train like that.”