Giving away the apple yogurt cake recipe Easy to make with a rice cooker.

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Many people may suffer from constipation but do not like to eat fresh fruits or vegetables. This article therefore presents a menu. Apple Yogurt Cake is easy to make, just use a rice cooker. Let everyone try making it and eating it to solve the problem of constipation.

Giving away the apple yogurt cake recipe Easy to make with a rice cooker.

How to make apple yogurt cake

raw material

  • 150 grams of natural yoghurt
  • 1 large apple (240 grams)
  • Flour for making pancakes 150 grams
  • 1 egg
  • 100 milliliters of milk
  • Icing sugar as desired


1. Scoop yogurt into a small sieve lined with cheesecloth. Then place in the refrigerator for half a day or overnight to remove the water from the yogurt.

2. Peel the apples. Remove the core, cut into 6-8 pieces, then cut the apples into pieces about 1 centimeter in size.

3. Place yogurt, milk and eggs in a container. Use a whisk to mix well. Add pancake batter. Stir well enough to combine. Then add the sliced ​​apples. Stir well.

4. Put the cake ingredients into a rice cooker that can cook 5 cups. Press the ยูฟ่าเบท rice cooker. If the cake is not cooked the first time, press the cooker again. Wait until the cake is cooked, which can be tested by poking a pointed stick into the cake and there is no liquid sticking to the tip of the stick. Once the cake is cooked, wait a few minutes for the rice cooker to cool down. Then use a plate or tray to cover the pot and tip the pot over so that the cake comes out onto the plate.

5. Use a knife to cut the cake into 6 pieces. Serve by sprinkling a little icing sugar, honey, cream or jam as desired.

The benefits of apples

Apple is a fruit that is known as the king of fruits because it is rich in nutrients that are good for the body, including potassium , which helps remove excess salt from the body and helps prevent high blood pressure, calcium , which helps strengthen the body. Strengthens bones and teeth. Pectin , which helps prevent rapid increases in blood sugar levels and reduces blood cholesterol levels. Vitamin C , which helps strengthen the body’s immune system. Polyphenols , which are antioxidants. Freedom that helps slow down aging and prevent diseases caused by daily living such as heart disease and high blood pressure, etc. and dietary fiber which helps prevent and relieve constipation.

Tips for keeping apples delicious for a long time

Apples are cold-resistant fruits. But it does not tolerate heat and dry air. The secret to keeping apples delicious for a long time is to avoid storing them at high temperatures and exposed to sunlight. But keep apples in the refrigerator vegetable section. Use newspaper to wrap the apples and place them in plastic bags. Storing this method will prevent the apples from losing moisture. This makes apples fresh, delicious and juicy even if stored for several days.

Apple cake has low calories, approximately 160 kilocalories per piece, and is rich in dietary fiber. Therefore suitable for the elderly, children, and those who are controlling their weight. and those who have constipation problems I have time to try it out. Easy and delicious, definitely a hit with family members.