I bought “ground pork”. Do I have to wash it before cooking?

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A story about pigs who are no longer pigs. When I debated with a friend about the issue of “ground pork” , should I wash it and clean it before cooking? Some people say wash Otherwise, you’ll have germs. But some people argue to death about why they should wash it. When you wash it, the pork completely disappears with the water. Come on, Women takes you to clear up your doubts about “ground pork”.

I bought "ground pork". Do I have to wash it before cooking?

For the peace of mind of some households, “ground pork” or “pork chops” purchased from a butcher or supermarket do not need to be washed first. But some people may rinse it to remove dirt or bacteria that might be stuck on the pork. You can rinse the ground pork by placing it in a large mixing bowl and adding cold water. Gently mash the ground pork for a few minutes and then discard the water. Rinse the ground pork again with cold water until the water is clear. Then drain off all the water before cooking.

However, some food safety experts recommend not washing ground pork. This can spread bacteria around the sink and surrounding area. Instead of washing the ufabet https://ufabet999.app ground pork You should cook ground pork thoroughly to make it safe to eat.

Tips for safely cooking ground pork

  • Cook the ground pork until it reaches 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Cook the ground pork on high heat.
  • Cook the ground pork thoroughly. Make sure the ground pork is cooked through by cutting it into small pieces. Then make sure there is no pink at all.
  • Cook ground pork immediately after purchasing or grinding it.

How to buy ground pork safely

  • Buy ground pork from a trusted butcher.
  • Check the production date and expiration date of ground pork.
  • Choose ground pork that is bright red. Not pale or dark in color
  • Avoid buying ground pork that smells bad.
  • Store ground pork in the refrigerator immediately after purchase.
  • Cook the ground pork until thoroughly cooked.

If you are concerned about the safety of “ground pork”, you should cook it thoroughly before eating.