Fundamentals in Good Diet

     Good dieting goes with the boxing/kickboxing training, and for the professionals it is not only an addition or complement but a part of it. You may have a doubt regarding this but if the good dieting is not affecting as much as it actually does, all these professional fighters, who are making the livings out of their fights, won't be adding any more restriction than they already have in their very tough training and lifestyle!
     But no matter who you are, I bet the more you study and experience in eating right, the more you will be convinced the importance of it. There are from time to time it may be appropriate to break the rule and enjoy with your friends or family. You don't need to be a health fanatic. You need to be pursistent.


     A hundred years ago, rice and bread were good food, because they were grains in their more original form. Now they are not. There are two types of Carbohydrates: complex and simple.

     Complex carbohydrates include rice, pasta and bread. Complex carbo is a good source of stamina. But if you're trying to lose fat on your body, you want to let your body use your body fat as the energy source. So minimize eating carbos. Otherwise, eating "good" complex carbo will add to your stamina and is positive to your health. When I say "good" complex carbo, they are brown rice, rye bread and whole wheat bread. These grains, which are in their original form, have the essential fibers, minerals and vitamins you need. Try to replace white rice, pasta and white bread, because they are still "refined" carbohydrates and don't act as good to your body as the natural grains.

     Simple carbohydrates are refined, sugary food, as most of the snacks are. We Americans eat more of these than anywhere in the world, and we have more illnesses tied to it. No matter who you are, you should try to avoid them for your health, and not to mension for your training. When you cook, start replacing white sugar with honey or brown sugar. Find other natural sweets to satisfy your cravings.

     Eating red meat, such as beef and pork, is usually not recommended. Not only they have "bad" fat and cholesterol, they are slow in digestive process, stay in your stomach for 2-3 days. Rather choose to eat chicken, turkey, fish and beans for protein source. Remember also that the average Americans eat way too much protein than recommended amount.

     Eat plenty of fruits and vegitables. The importance of it cannot be overstated --- I can go on forever trying to explain in full. Human being is an animal specie made to eat basically plant products. I'm not saying to you to become a vegitarian. You've probably heard that the average Americans don't eat the necessary amount of veggies.
     Remember that salad is not everything to eating vegetables (all that volume of lettuce has very little nutritional value!). I don't mean to suggest smoking, but as an example, there even are statistics that show that smokers eating good amount of veggies tend to live longer than the non-smokers who don't eat much of them. And the vitamin pills are not going to replace them.

     Again, obviously, avoid soda or other soft drinks. If you see the nutrition labels on the back of the bottles, you'll be surprised how much grams of white sugar they put in --- a handful!
     Do drink plenty of water.

     Herbs, vitamins, protein powder, etc. You basically don't "need" supplements as long as you eat right and eat variety of fresh natural food. If you eat right, be persistent, vary what you eat and not to over eat, you're all set.
     But at the same time, some supplements may work great, depending on the type, purpose and your individuality. Many professionals take ginseng, bee pollen, protein powder, etc. You can research on your own, but don't believe in everything you see.
     No matter what supplements there exist or that are coming up, it can be definitively said that their effect comes on top of the right dieting. If you're one of those people who are taking supplements and are not eating right, you've got the idea very wrong! And remember that taking too much of anything --- including what's known to be good --- acts negative to your system.

     Fried food of any kind is to be avoided. It is because during the process of frying, the oil gets damaged quite fast. "Bad" is an understatement to the damaged oil (or old oil), but they are poisonous to your system. Be aware the fried products especially from the restaurants.
     Many people get mixed up with the ideas of diet for losing weight and the diet for good health. Not every oil and fat are bad. There are good fat and bad fat, and good fat is essential to your body --- like fish oil. It just that most of the oily products you see are bad, and fat people should avoid eating fat for the obvious reason. You don't have to go fanatic but if you're an average American, you must change your diet in order to be healthy.