How to count dummy card points?

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Dummy cards for the winner, in addition to the method of knocking. Point counting is another. how to play dummy Used when the player can not knock, it is necessary to count the UFABET cards that they were born. Whoever has the most card points after deducting the most non-faced hand is the winner. while if the knocker has less points than the birth, it may also be a loser.

How to count dummy card points?
  • There are two sets of spetto cards, each worth 50 points: 2 clubs and Q of spades.
  • Cards with 10 points are cards 10, J, Q, K of all colors, except Spade.
  • Cards with 5 points are cards 2-9 of all colors except 2 clubs.
  • Every color of the A card is worth 15 points.
  • The head card is the first top card that is faced up and a person born will score 50 heads.

For example, how to play dummy Counting the resulting card points, for example, born cards A = AAA has points equal to 45 points, Tong K = KKK has points of 30 points, Tong 9 = 9 9 9 points equal to 15 points, while playing card spatula 2 clubs 2 = 2 2 2 has 60 points, if Q, Spade = QQQ, has 70 points, if in a sequence such as 4, 5, 6, has 15 points, and 9, 10, J has 25 points, QKA, clubs have 35 points. If it’s QKA, spades have 75 points, etc.