Lewandowski still chasing the Ballon d’Or dream

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Robert Lewandowski has had an amazing career so far. The Barça striker has won Leagues, Cups, Super Cups, a Champions League, and a Club World Cup. He has also been the top scorer in both Germany and LaLiga last season. However, the Ballon d’Or has eluded him, an award he truly deserved in 2020. When he achieved great success with Bayern Munich. In an interview with Sport BildLewandowski expressed his desire to receive the award. That was canceled due to the pandemic. “I would have loved to win the Ballon d’Or at some point. I’m not upset that I haven’t won it yet. but I feel like I deserved it in either 2020 or 2021,” he said, referring to the years affected by COVID-19 and when Leo Messi won.

“In 2020 and 2021, I had the best years of my career. A friend recently shared some stats with me: I scored 100 goals in 85 games,” the Polish international mentioned in the same Sport Bild interview. “The 2021 award went to Lionel Messi. I’ve heard talks about a possible retrospective award for 2020. That year was exceptional for me, and if I were to receive the Ballon d’Or for 2020 four years later, I would be honored and accept it gladly,” he added.

When asked about the best players currently, Lewandowski named Kylian Mbappé and Jude Bellingham as the standout players in the world. He also had words of praise for Ancelotti.

During his time at Bayern Munich, Robert Lewandowski crossed paths with the current Real Madrid coach, Carlo Ancelotti. Even though the Italian coach faced challenges at Bayern, Lewy has fond memories of him. “It was a whole new experience for him, a different country, a different culture. ยูฟ่าเบท http://ufabet999.app If Carlo were to come back to Germany, he would know exactly what adjustments to make. It’s not a piece of cake to coach or play in Germany as a foreigner,” shared Lewandowski.

If Carlo had stayed a little longer and we had gotten through the difficult phase with him, then [building] with him would have been possible.. If Carlo had survived the difficult moment, everything would have been easier for everyone afterwards. He has an incredible experience,” Lewandowski insisted about the current Madrid coach.