5 tips for spraying perfume to make it last all day!

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Women and perfume have always gone together. Because perfume helps increase the confidence of our women very well. But sometimes if we inject too much, inject more than the number, or inject in the wrong spot. It might make people pass by. Can be pungent or smelly Therefore, we must first get to know how to spray perfume properly. Where should I inject it? So that the fragrance will last all day.

Today Lady Issue would like to recommend 5 points on the body where you should spray perfume to make it last all day! What points will there be? Let’s go see.

5 tips for spraying perfume to make it last all day!


Women with good smelling hair are the best! But that doesn’t mean spray it on your head. An easy way is to spray perfume into a comb, then use the comb to comb your hair from the roots to the tips. Comb all over the head. Just now my hair smells good. No matter how many times the wind blows, there will be no drama!

crook of the neck

The sexiest spot to inject It may sound a bit strange, but it’s actually true. If we inject in the neck area It will make people passing by or approaching us smell really good. Plus, we can smell it ourselves because it’s near the nose. Inject this ยูฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.app point, guaranteed to last long. Definitely smells good all day long.

behind the ear

This area is considered a small spot. Something that we shouldn’t overlook, ladies. Because when we hug or hug someone He will smell a nice scent from us. The method is to spray it on your finger and then apply it behind the ear. Do not spray directly behind the ear. Because it might be too irritating.

Wrist/crook of arm/crook of leg

Strategic points that should not be neglected If injected in this area, it will definitely last a long time. Our arms and legs are often put to heavy use throughout the day. moving all the time If we inject this area Each time it moves, it gives off a sweet scent to the person next to you. You can be enchanted.


Stinky clothes, let me tell you, they’re not very good! We should always make our clothes smell good. If you wash your clothes and don’t use fabric softener, You should find a good perfume. Take a bottle and spray it on our clothes to make them smell fresh. Reduce musty smells on days when clothes are dried and then it rains. If our clothes smell good We will be confident. Whatever you do, it looks good.