Foods that pregnant women should eat and avoid during 6 months of pregnancy

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The sixth month of pregnancy is the last part of your pregnancy , the second trimester. It is also the time when your pregnancy is entering the third trimester. The baby in the womb will develop various systems. in an almost complete body As for the mother’s body, she often feels hungry. body weight is increasing rapidly And the size of the belly is bigger until it is clearly seen. Let’s see at the same time that it’s better that during the 6th month of pregnancy. What foods should pregnant women eat and avoid?

Foods that pregnant women should eat during 6 months of pregnancy

Pregnant mothers are well aware of this matter. During the gestation period, it began to increase. Especially as pregnancy begins to touch closer to the third trimester, the baby begins to develop and grow at a rapid pace. The foods that mothers should eat during 6 months of pregnancy are as follows UFABET.

Foods that pregnant women should eat and avoid during 6 months of pregnancy

1. Foods that are high in fiber
high fiber foods Whether it’s peas Nuts, oats, brown rice, broccoli, avocados or berry family Contributes to the prevention of overweight mothers as well as prevent preeclampsia, hypertension and diabetes

2. Foods that contain fat and energy
fat and energy foods Helps to burn food and fat into energy. It also helps the digestive system of mothers and unborn children to work better. Recommended foods for fat and calories are chicken, pork, fish, mushrooms, nuts, whole grains and sesame seeds.

3. Iron foods
Iron-rich foods include seafood, meat, and offal. Especially the area that is dark red will have a higher iron content. If eating this kind of food along with vitamin C group foods It will help in the absorption of iron. can protect the mother from anemia

4. Foods rich in vitamin B12
Foods rich in vitamin B12 such as sardines, snapper, shrimp, crab, beef, cheese, eggs, milk, etc. contribute to the maintenance of the central nervous system and peripheral nerves. as well as creating red blood cells during pregnancy as well

*Foods that a expectant mother should avoid during the sixth month of pregnancy,
towards the end of the second trimester Mothers should be careful when eating a lot of food. which is the food that should be avoided

1. Uncooked food
undercooked food Especially undercooked meat, if ingested, may contain bacteria. which can harm the baby in the womb

2. Spicy food
Spicy food contributes to the inefficiency of the mother’s digestive system. Difficult to digest and also result in abdominal pain as well

3. Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages cause the destruction of nerve cells. cause the growth of the child to be impaired The baby’s birth weight is below the norm. and also have a low rate of weight gain after childbirth

There are a variety of foods that are forbidden during each month of pregnancy. But in most cases it is forbidden to drink alcohol. That’s because it is a food that has a very high negative effect on the fetus.